Look into the New Community

Moving to a new town or even a new area of town it is important to become well acquainted with it as soon as possible once you move there.  Below are some resources you may wish to utilize to become more familiar with your new surroundings:

Newspaper-think about getting a regular subscription or a digital online subscription. This will give you an idea of what types of jobs are available in the community, social events and religious groups you may want to participate in.

The Chamber of Commerce-they can provide you a newcomer’s packet that is full of information about the local community.

Tip:  Keep the kids occupied and excited about the move by allowing them to plan their first sight-seeing tour or activity when you get to town.

I would enjoy being part of the equation when you have made the decision to move.  Please visit my website http://www.kimreynolds.net to get started on your search.  Happy moving!

Source, Everything Homebuying Book