The Story Behind 2012′s Unlikely Hit Song – ‘Home’ by Phillip Phillips

In an era where the pop music charts are dominated by thumping 808 drums, European Dub Step-esque Synths and topics more fit for late night TV – an unexpected little folk song latched onto the American consciousness to become one of the biggest songs of 2012.

From the moment Phillip Phillips performed “Home” on the American Idol stage, the tune all about “making this place your home” flew to number 6 on the Billboard charts, went triple platinum and was even featured as the theme song of the Summer Olympic games in London.

Although Phillips is a noted talented songwriter, he was given “Home” to perform on the American Idol finale as his coronation single by Interscope Records head honcho Jimmy Iovine. The song was co-written by Drew Pearson who had intended for the song to be recorded by English singer and friend Greg Holden. As fate would have it, Drew sent the song in for last minute consideration for the Idol finale and the executives at the label fell in love with it immediately. The rest is history…read more at


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