National & Local 2013 Predictions For The Rental Market

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1354465380_horoscope-2013Five years after the housing crash, the national housing market is finally starting to show improvement. Housing prices are on the rise, more people, especially young people, are buying houses, and foreclosures are reducing in number. Not only is the market improving, the market is changing. For example, short-sales – selling a house for less than the mortgage to avoid foreclosure costs – are on the rise, leading to many new rental seekers.

The newly emerging strength of the economy and the resulting trends are good news in various ways for property managers, and could provide a robust 2013 for many landlords.

One of the main trends to expect in 2013 is a continued decline in vacancy rates, which should be good news to landlords everywhere. According to Walter Molony of the National Association of Realtors, “The apartment rental market – multifamily housing – single family residents – are projected to see…

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