Santa Express 2011 Comes to Murfreesboro, TN Next Week

Here are some of the places you can find the Santa Express next week-email me or visit my Facebook page for a full list:


Wednesday- Dec. 14th- Murfreesboro (Route begins 6:00)

Barfield Road, Barfield Cresent Rd., Barfield Church Road, River Downs Blvd.,
Janice Drive, STOP (6:05) River Downs-Whittle Ct, Barfield Rd, Hwy 99,
STOP (6:30) 2511 Hwy 99-Fellowship UM Church Boyscout Tree Lot, New Salem, Cason Lane,
STOP (7:00) Cason Lane Academy School parking lot, Cason Lane, Wellington Pl.,
St. Andrews Dr, Old Fort Pkwy, Mall Area, Chaffin Place,
STOP (7:30) 116 Chaffin Place @ Sandwich Factory parking lot (by Clarion Hotel
), this stop
offers the community a warm wait inside or in their parking lot.  Santa will be carrying a
special treat for the children at this stop, from this business,
Old Fort, Kings Hwy, January St.
STOP (8:00) Franklin Heights, January St.,Stop (8:30)corner, West Main/January St.,
Broad Street.

Thursday-Dec.15th- Murfreesboro (Route begins 6:00)
Charleston South, Lansdan Drive, Prater Ct., Meigs Drive, STOP (6:15) Meigs Dr/Jenkins Dr. loop,
Allgrin Ct., Jenkins, STOP (6:25) Abbie Road, Barfield, Rutherford Blvd, SE Broad St., Elam Rd.,
Lee Ln., STOP (6:45) Corner of Reidhurst Dr./Lee Ln, S.Rutherford, Bradyville Pike,Medford,
Campbell Blvd., Floyd Drive, STOP (7:15) Arrow Ct., Floyd Dr., Rutherford Blvd., STOP (7:40) Beesley
Animal Humane Society, 2215 Keeneland Commercial Dr. (behind Subway), S. Rutherford,
Surprise Neighborhood visits. 


Friday- Dec. 16th- Murfreesboro (Route begins 6:00)
Private /Shut-In visits.

Saturday- Dec. 17th- Murfreesboro/Rockvale/Eagleville (Route begins 5:00)
Midde Tennessee Blvd., N.Tennessee Blvd., STOP (5:15) Cedar Park Mobile Estates-Community Center,
Hwy 99, (Rockvale) Clearidge Dr, Dalton Circle, Stop (6:30) Jeremiah Ct, Hwy 99,
Stop (7:00) 6121 Hwy 99-Dollar General Parking Lot, Hwy 99, N. Main Eaglevile, Hwy 99, Main St.,
STOP (7:30) Main Street Eagelville,
Hwy 99, Suprise Neighborhood VIsits.


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